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Launch and Commercialisation webinars
  • Network meta-analysis within launch and commercialisation
  • How to set up a prospective observational study that really adds value
  • Increasing your reputation and influence as a Statistician in the Launch and Commercialisation space
  • The many faces of Real World Evidence: what, how and when it’s used
  • What does success look like for Statisticians in the Launch & Commercialisation space?
  • Getting HTA submissions right in key regions: USA, UK & Germany
  • Launch and Commercialisation Strategy: when is it the right time to discuss launching my remedy?
  • Physicians, Payers & Patients: ensuring high-quality data driven decisions through effective communication
Launch and Commercialisation webinars
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Veramed Ukraine: boosting your career as a Programmer

This webinar looks at Programming as a career in the Ukraine, covering topics such as:

    • Working remotely in Ukraine, Mariia Pavliuk, Senior Statistician II
    • Developing the next generation of Programmers, Anastasiia Domashenko, Office Manager, Kharkiv
    • My journey with the Ukraine Graduate Training Programme, Anastasiia Konvisrova, Programmer I
    • Programming Opportunities in Ukraine, Artem Andriichenko, Prinicipal Programmer
    • The future of Veramed Ukraine, Daniil Shliakov, Programming Manager, Kharkiv Site Head
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Completing the CDISC compliance jigsaw


This webinar reaches beyond Pinnacle 21 and focuses on the key points you need to know to achieve CDISC submission compliance. We look at the key documents (and where to find them), considerations for vendor oversight, and present the approach that Veramed has followed in recent CDISC consultancy projects to perform gap analyses to support client CDISC submissions.

Turning Fantasy into Reality – Creating Custom Data Visualisations for Future Reporting


James Diserens presented his popular presentation which won best in stream at PHUSE 2018 on Data Visualisations. Recent experience indicates that there is a gap between exploratory analysis using products such as R-shiny and Spotfire with html outputs, and SAS rtf outputs for reporting packages. Are the plots that we are producing restricted by standards and expectations, or by an unwillingness to change from what has been done before? Could we be producing outputs that are more useful and appropriate for analysing the data?

What does it take to become a Statistical Programmer in the Pharmaceutical Industry?


In this short webinar Sean Miles discussed his experience starting in the pharmaceutical industry as a SAS programmer. He covered his journey from a graduate, talking about the processes he used, his expectations and reality of the industry.