Our team’s combined knowledge and experience across a range of clinical trial designs and therapeutic areas provides a unique, in-depth understanding of customer expectations regarding technical skills, quality requirements, project oversight and communication.


We compete on the basis that our knowledge and skill increases effectiveness of the projects we work on, thus delivering superior quality and productivity.

Quality is paramount in everything we do, and it is our mantra to maintain the highest levels of quality on every single piece of work that we produce. We believe that quality can only be completely ensured by a combination of the right practices, processes and people.

Intelligent Specifications

The road map getting from A to B, and, more importantly, retrospective traceability and documentation of what has been achieved. We ensure that specifications are as clear, concise and meaningful as they can be at the start of each project, and updated and maintained to form accurate project documentation to support your requirements.

Robust Working Practices

We combine a risk-balanced, rigorous methodology together with disciplined processes to ensure that work is delivered right first time. In each case we choose the most appropriate and efficient quality control techniques and combine these with disciplined, GCP-compliant QC processes (detailed checklists, quality control logs etc.).

A Well Trained Eye

Our consultants are some of the most experienced in the industry; they are trained to have a mindset to expect the unexpected and therefore the ability to identify and eliminate the things that others miss.

We get things right every time

“I am the study statistician on a 16,000 subject trial that is costing several hundred million dollars. This study is so important that the choice of statistical programming contract organisation was crucial.

Matt cares a great deal about making sure that things are done right on the study. He is full of good ideas and suggestions. The team are competent statisticians and programmers, but also personable and friendly and very easy to work with.

We have full and frank communication, we work as closely with them as if they were internal staff.”


A combination of sensible pricing and superior productivity makes us a cost-effective and cost-efficient alternative to larger, more expensive CROs.

Each member of Veramed staff is committed to the work they do, and incentivised to deliver on time and on quality. Failure to deliver, and numerous out-of-scopes increasing timelines and costs, is not considered an option.

As a growing company, we are able to remain flexible and adapt quickly to changes in scope and requirements. This agility means costs are constantly monitored and budgets adhered to. We understand that delaying processes is costly to manufacturers, we are mindful of these delays.