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What is Veramed Stories?

Join Ian Ratcliffe, a Principal Statistician at Veramed, as he sits down with Veramed employees – from graduates to board directors – to discuss everything from career growth to company culture, leadership, mental health and recent news within the bio-pharmaceutical space.



Episode 016 – Veramed’s Line Management Development Program

August 10, 2022

What makes a good line manager? How do we empower and encourage in the right way, and develop strong leaders within the company? Ian sits down with our Director of Professional Development, Diana Stuart, and Senior Programmer, Kirsty Parker-Hodds, to discuss Veramed’s Line Manager Development Programme, as well as experiences and insight from being leaders within the team.

Diana Stuart and Kirsty Parker-Hodds

New Starter Perspectives

New Starter Perspectives: Hayley Moss, HR Coordinator at Veramed

August 3, 2022

Our brand NEW series, New Starter Perspectives, kicks off with Hayley Moss, HR Coordinator at Veramed!

New Starter perspectives is a regular series that sees Ian sit down with Veramed employees to discuss their first 6 months at Veramed. Learn more about people’s unique experience with interviewing, on-boarding, how teams operate, and how individual employees have grown in their first 6 months!

Hayley Moss

Career Journey

Episode 015 – The role of a Pharmaceutical Lead

July 27, 2022

Ian sits down with Dominika Marmol, Senior Statistician at Veramed, to discuss her journey into becoming a Pharmaceutical Lead Statistician, touching on her day-to-day work, challenges and tips!

Dominka Marmol

Career Journey, Training

Episode 014 – An alternative Graduate role

July 13, 2022

Ian sits down with Huw Wilson and Sarah Robson to discuss their recent experience within Veramed’s Graduate Training Programme and how their roles have evolved since, touching on R Programming, Veramed’s launch and commercalisation team, virtual working practices and more.

Huw Wilson

Career Journey

Episode 013 – Jumping between industries as a Statistician

June 29, 2022

Ian sits down with Francesca Pannullo, Senior Statistician at Veramed, to discuss her journey into the pharmaceutical space as a Statistician I, how to overcome your fear when changing industry, as well as other tips and advice for Statisticians jumping between industries!

Francesca Pannullo


Episode 012 – PSI 2022 Conference – What to expect

June 8, 2022

Ian sits down with Rachel Tham, Senior Statistician II at Veramed, to discuss what’s in store for us at the PSI 2022 Conference. Discover what the conference is all about, why it’s important, and what Veramed will be presenting. If you’re attending, don’t forget to catch us at Booth 6!

Rachel Tham

Career Journey

Episode 011 – Career Journeys of Statistical Programmers

May 25, 2022

Ian sits down with Sean Miles and Elliot Pearn, Statistical Programmers at Veramed, to discuss their contrasting journeys into the industry, their progress as Programmers, the challenges they’ve faced, and how they came to join Veramed.

Sean Miles and Elliot Pearn
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