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Veramed Stories: Recruitment

Career Journey, Recruitment

Episode 034 – Making the jump from academia to industry

April 13, 2023

Himesh is joined by Matthew Burgess, who completed Veramed’s Graduate Training Programme in 2021. They discuss Matt’s previous experience in the industry, how he decided to become a Statistician, and why he chose to join a CRO.

Matthew Burgess

Career Journey, Recruitment

Episode 021 – A Graduate’s first year at Veramed

October 12, 2022

One year on from the Graduate Training Programme – what does life look like for three talented members of our 2021 intake? Nicole Vassilis, Chantelle Cornett, and Joanna Edwards join Ian Ratcliffe to share their thoughts on the GTP, the projects they’ve been working on, and the various Veramed initiatives they’re now involved in.

Chetan Mistry

Culture, Mental Health, Recruitment

Episode 018 – HR at Veramed

September 7, 2022

Ian sits down with Annie Newton, Senior Office Manager at Veramed, to discuss all things HR at Veramed. Tune to learn more about how HR has evolved at Veramed, its influence on our culture, and how our HR team approaches topics such as on-boarding, personal development, and mental health. Annie also shares how her role has evolved from a HR stand point since joining the team!

Annie Newton


Episode 004 – Veramed expands into Germany!

February 16, 2022

Ian sits down with Jon Gibbs and Jasmin Moussaoui from Veramed’s Recruitment team to discuss Veramed Germany, our recruitment process within the German market, how we maintain our culture, and more.

Jasmin Moussaoui & Jon Gibbs