Launch and Commercialisation

Taking the pain out of outsourcing to maximise commercial success and market impact

We take the pain out of outsourcing and help you from strategic consultancy to high quality delivery. Leverage our deep understanding of launch and commercialisation projects and our reputation for quality delivery to maximise commercial success and market impact for bio-pharma products.

Alexander SchachtExecutive Vice President Launch and Commercialisation Data Sciences

Pharmaceutical and biotech companies are facing increasing market pressure to get new products to market faster than ever. Even after achieving regulatory approval, there are no guarantees of patient access and commercial success. In fact, streamlined regulatory data packages may even make it harder to ensure all patients can benefit from a new therapy.

Strategically focused for commercial success and market adoption

We here at Veramed understand that both ‘Launch’ and ‘Commercialisation’ bring their own challenges and strategic needs. In doing so, we will support you with a range of strategically-focused and collaborative services that help maximise launch impact and commercial success. Whether you want to get strategic advice years before launch or execute specific tactics like publications, we help you meet your goals and strategic needs all the way through to long-term patient or end-buyer adoption.

We will help your team avoid the common pitfalls, safeguarding you from mistakes many bio-pharma companies make during product launch and commercialisation. Discover more about our process below.

Strategic Consultancy

Optimally plan your data generation and communication solutions with the help of our team. We offer full-day, comprehensive strategic workshops to help you best prepare your remedy for launch. Avoid common pitfalls and understand the strengths and limitations of the evidence plan as we develop a successful road-map to maximise launch and ensure long term commercial returns.

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We develop high-quality observational studies – both prospective and retrospective – to complement clinical trials with real-world data. Our expertise in both pre-launch and post-launch observational research will serve your evidence needs across patients, physicians and payers.

Strategic Evidence Planning

Leverage our expertise across different companies and therapeutic areas to provide outstanding advice about when you want to communicate certain evidence, in a certain format and to which customers so you can optimally plan your data generation solutions accordingly. Our team helps you to identify and fill strategic evidence gaps, and optimise the communication of the benefits and risks of a new therapy.

We partner with you to develop a keen understanding of how your new therapy fits into the existing medical landscape based on your company’s internal and competitive intelligence data. This is an in-depth, collaborative process that considers the needs of patients, physicians, and payers.

Publication planning

Based on the strategic pillars of your compound, we develop and execute publication plans with you, customised to your processes. Based on our experience with hundreds of publications across various therapeutic areas, we not only help you to write the publications, we also suggest additional publication ideas to optimise the communication around your asset.

We align these suggestions with the compound specific strategic needs of your product. We provide high-quality data visualizations to engage audiences and communicate key take-aways effectively.

Data Mining

Our data mining and network meta-analysis services maximise the value of existing internal or external data. Leverage your existing data to maximize the value for a sponsor’s internal understanding of the data and communications to patients, physicians, and payers. We provide customised solutions to understand your data. Instead of screening through hundreds of static tables, explore your data easily and find key findings via interactive visual tools.

HTA submission

Maximise the opportunity of successful HTA submissions. Our experience with HTA submissions on a global scale will help you to prepare HTA dossiers efficiently and to the highest quality. We help you leverage internal and external data to get the key messages across to payers and explain these in payer facing interactions like the German GBA hearing.

HTA submissions – especially in Germany and the UK – require knowledge of the processes, excellent communication skills in local language, and flexible high-quality deliverables. Our unique insights and experience allow us to create customised local language deliverables efficiently and of the highest quality.

Customer interactions

Ensure high quality interactions with all your external customers including key opinion leaders (KOLs), practicing physicians, key accounts, and patients. We attend or help you attend advisory boards with KOLs to optimise the understanding and communication of data. We train your internal customer facing teams (medical scientific liasons and other) to communicate data with quality. 

From inception to market success

Maximising launch impact

At launch, there is only one chance to get it right and many obstacles to derail success.

Our experience in successfully launching products on both a global and local level means we’re able to address any pitfalls or challenges your team is facing long before going to market through close collaboration and strategic evidence planning. Our approach includes evaluating additional sources of evidence from clinical trials, real-world evidence, data mining/network meta-analysis and more.

Once launched, we help develop an optimal communication stream of your data to patients, payers, and physicians, which can then be better shared with your company internally.

We collaborate not only with the traditional internal stakeholders of statistics and data science – medical and pricing, re-reimbursement, and access – but also with marketing, medical information/education and sales.

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Upcoming webinar


Launch and Commercialisation Strategy. When is it the right time to discuss Launching my remedy?

9th November, 2021

What will be covered in this webinar?

  • Understanding when Real World Evidence RWE comes into the strategy
  • When to plan for Phase 4 trials and other post analysis
  • The key messages for HTA dossiers, payer negotiations and publications/promotions
  • Addressing the high-level challenges faced when convincing Physicians, Payers and Patients

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Our latest webinar, ‘Launch and Commercialisation Strategy: when is it the right time to discuss launching my remedy?’ is now available.

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Data driven

Our vision is to provide company internal and external stakeholders with the right data at the right time to make the right decisions. This ranges from understanding the clinical and real-world data to building a strategic evidence plan and data mining of your internal data sources.

Passion and Expertise

As a people-focused CRO, we’re passionate about delivering high-quality, on time deliverables that ensure new remedies get to the market faster. Our expert team brings years of experience and that ‘Veramed touch’ to the table, focusing on close collaboration and effective planning to help you through launch and commercialisation.

Comprehensive support

We provide the right support, built and delivered through a collaborative, trusting relationship. This close collaboration help create an effective launch strategy on time, as well as commercialisation plan that maximises ROI and market traction.

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