Improving the efficiency of clinical trial workflows using next-gen computing.

Our expertise in the clinical trial space helps biotech and pharmaceutical leverage standards and technology to automate repetitive tasks, improve operational efficiencies and reduce time-to-insight. Our collaborative approach allows us to help sponsor companies to transition data processes, tools and systems into a new era of cloud-based data-analytics.

Stuart MalcolmHead of Veramed's Automation, Efficiency and Standards

The world of clinical data is changing

The world of clinical trial data is evolving and there’s a drive towards adopting automation, data re-use, as well as open-source languages and tools. The pressure to adapt and get treatments to market faster can be drastically improved through the use of cloud-based technology and standards adoption. We help clients to optimise their clinical data workflows and make the best use of today’s emerging automation tools, allowing them to become businesses that can scale, react and deliver more effectively and efficiently.

What we can offer

Our Automation, Efficiency and Standards group helps pharmaceutical and biotech companies to assess, evaluate and implement enhancements to their clinical trial workflows.  This includes everything from consulting on architectural processes, Proof of Concept (POC) services in SCE / MDR implementation, especially in API-enabled platform workflows such as Domino Data Lab, right through to tool construction, process development and standards implementation.


We bring the technical know-how and expertise of clinical trial automation to provide:

  • Consultancy on high-level software design and architectural ‘guiding principles’, including development of clinical workflow strategies based on organisational priorities, upcoming needs and shifts in industry technology.
  • Proof of Concept (POC) services in SCE / MDR implementation, especially in API-enabled platform workflows such as Domino Data Lab.
  • Consultancy on adoption of modern tools within the clinical data lifecycle for version control, issue tracking, and continuous integration/delivery

Tools & Processes

Take advantage of our robust tools and innovative processes to improve trial efficiency.

  • Collaborate hand-in-hand with sponsor teams to design and implement intelligent and efficient tools and standards solutions, progressing their overall technical strategy.  
  • Validated workflow automation and tool development (SAS, R, etc)
  • Advice on design, build and maintenance of code and standards repositories, facilitating coherent sharing and efficient utilisation, leading to increased quality and/or productivity.
  • Documentation and training, wikis and reference specifications
  • Software QA procedures for validation of reusable and automated programming
  • Advice on use of open-source technology adoption and R package implementation.


Stay at the forefront of an ever evolving industry and emerging trends within the clinical trial space.

  • Consultancy on standards and metadata management, versioning and compliance, including implementation of CDISC standards (SDTM, ADAM, Analysis Results Metadata) and associated automation.
  • Automated testing, quality assurance metrics and reporting. Develop processes for monitoring standards implementation and compliance.
  • Advice on design, build and maintenance of code and standards repositories, facilitating coherent sharing and efficient utilisation, leading to increased quality and/or productivity.
  • Advice on emerging standards and associated impact to ongoing and future planned trials.
  • Implement systems and processes to ensure CDISC deliverables are validated appropriately and “submission-ready”.
  • Submission package review services (any agency/standards).

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The team are competent statisticians and programmers, but also personable and friendly and very easy to work with. We have full and frank communication, we work as closely with them as if they were internal staff.

FSP client since 2017

Many thanks to all of you for your hard work on these outputs. I don’t think I’ve ever done QC with so few comments. It's been a pleasure to work with your excellent team.

Client since 2015

I am very impressed at your professionalism and very grateful for your careful and effective management of this significant project issue. Many thanks for your hard work.

FSP client since 2018

I knew you guys were good. That’s perfect. Not every vendor is. The SAP and shells were in very good shape if those are my only 3 comments about those two documents. You did a wonderful job.

FSP client since 2018

Functional Service Provider

Statistical Consultancy

Biotech Due Diligence

Study Reporting & Analysis

Launch & Commercialisat


Data Monitoring Committee

Who are Domino Data Lab?

Domino Data Lab provides a platform that utilizes data science and AI for collaboration, model deployment, and centralizing infrastructure. Its Enterprise MLOps platform enables thousands of data scientists to develop better medicines, grow more productive crops, adapt risk models to major economic shifts, build better cars, improve customer support, or simply recommend the best purchase to make at the right time.