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Trusted biometrics services with a people-focused approach.

PSI 2023 in Hammersmith delivered a week of incredible insight, conversation, and fun. We showcased 4 presentations, 1 workshop, 1 poster and took part in a leadership panel! If you were able to attend any of our presentations over the course of the conference and had questions regarding our approach to biostatistics outsourcing, please get in touch to learn more.

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Our 95%+ employee retention rate reflects our B Corp ethos, which puts people at the center of what we do. With 300+ Statisticians and Programmers across the globe, we take a people-focused approach to clinical analytics that has provided 100% on-time deliverables for all our clients with 0 FDA findings.


Learning from Mistakes

Emma Jones, Executive Vice President, Statistics

Building a Fantasy Stats Team – Unconscious Bias

Chet Mistry, Senior Manager, Statistics

I Want to Fail!

Ian Ratcliffe, Principal Statistician (Non-technical TED talks)

The New Normal for Dose Escalation Oncology Studies

Toby Batten, Statistics Manager (Innovations in Dose Finding)

Frailty Models: Beyond the Standard Parametric Survival Model

Gwen Perry, Statistician (Gone in 60 seconds)

Remove Your Bias: MCMC Algorithms to set you on the Right Path

Alexander Luo, Statistician (Career Young Statistician)

Animations in R – The Dark Horse of Data Visualisation 

Sarah Robson, Statistician (Career Young Statistician)

We made PSI Conference 2023 Climate Positive

As a Climate Positive CRO, we’ve helped offset 110% of the carbon footprint developed by the PSI conference, making it a Climate Positive event. The offset was achieved through Earthly, who calculated the total carbon footprint of PSI after sharing an in-depth questionnaire shared with PSI organisers. In collaboration with PSI and in order to achieve a 110% offset, we will invest in Earthly’s nature based projects. The specific project we have chosen focuses on preserving peatland forests in Rimba Raya, Indonesia.

You might also have noticed the Veramed lanyards at this year’s conference, which were made from 100% recycled materials. As part of our ongoing partnership with PSI, we made sure that each attendee was able to recycle their lanyard using one of the many drop-off bins spread throughout the showroom. The lanyards will now be washed and re-used at next year’s conference!

Supporting pharma & biotech businesses

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Supporting pharma & biotech businesses

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We are a Certified B Corporation®. B Corps™ are for-profit companies that use the power of business to build a more inclusive and sustainable economy. They meet the highest verified standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. As of 2022, there are more than 4000 B Corps™ in 140 industries and 70 countries across the world. Check out the B Corp™ website for all certified B Corps™. Learn more about B Corps™, why we certified, the assessment process and our continuous dedication to improvement here.

Meet Veramed

Veramed is a pioneering CRO redefining intelligent healthcare decision-making through end-to-end biometrics. We bring together people, innovation, and technology together with world-class governance to accelerate evidence generation and advance patient health. With skilled statisticians and programmers uniquely matched and scaled to client needs, we produce exceptional deliverables swiftly using a blend of skill, rigorous governance, and automation to optimize the speed and success of clinical research from design through to submission and beyond.