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Pragmatic Trials 101: trial benefits, application, and key considerations for decision-makers and statisticians


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What are pragmatic trials? When is it best to use them? What key considerations do decision-makers need to know first?

In this webinar, Rachel Tham, Principal Statistician at Veramed, and Thomas Kumke, SSI RWE Strategy Lead at UCB, will dive into the world of pragmatic trials and their use within clinical research. Understand why and when pragmatic trials are best used, the common challenges of pragmatic trials and how they can be addressed, and what considerations need to be made when planning a pragmatic trial.

Using their insight from publications, working groups, and studies, Rachel and Thomas will explore certain tools for pragmatic trials and their application before jumping into Cluster Randomized Trials, considerations to keep in mind, and their benefits with a unique ability to naturally account for herd immunity in vaccine studies.

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  • Defining pragmatic trials and their role in evidence generation
  • Tools and applications for pragmatic trials
  • Common challenges of pragmatic trials and their operational and statistical solutions
  • Key considerations you might need to be aware of BEFORE being “pragmatic”
  • The important differences between randomized control trials (RCT) and cluster randomized trials (CRT)
  • The application of cluster randomized trials in vaccines as an example of cluster randomized trials.
  • Key considerations for statisticians when conducting a cluster randomized trial
  • 10 minute Q&A session

The presenters

Rachel Tham

Principal Statistician, Veramed

Rachel is a Principal Statistician at Veramed with over 15 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. She has worked in everything from retail and hospital pharmacy technician roles to pre-clinical trials and clinical trials. Her passion is in observational, late-phase research, and real-world evidence, where she has spent the last 10 years of her career combining her skills from different areas of the pharmaceutical industry into insights and advancements in healthcare.

Thomas Kumke

SSI RWE Strategy Lead, UCB
Thomas Kumke started his career as a PhD student at the University of Technology, Braunschweig, Germany. He then moved from university research to the pharmaceutical industry, working at Hammersmith Medicines Research, London and then at UCB Pharma, first in observational studies in immunology, then in clinical development. Beginning last year, Thomas started to build up the SSI RWE Strategy Team which is responsible for the statistical strategies and conduct of real world studies at UCB. Thomas’s main interests are statistical analyses of observational studies, causal modelling, missing data analysis, multivariate statistics, pragmatic trials, and immunology.

Meet Veramed

Veramed is a pioneering CRO redefining intelligent healthcare decision-making through end-to-end biometrics. We bring together people, innovation, and technology together with world-class governance to accelerate evidence generation and advance patient health. With skilled statisticians and programmers uniquely matched and scaled to client needs, we produce exceptional deliverables swiftly using a blend of skill, rigorous governance, and automation to optimize the speed and success of clinical research from design to submission and beyond.