PHUSE Conference 2019

Meet Veramed at the Annual PHUSE Conference

Veramed will be presenting a number of sessions at the Annual PHUSE conference hosted in Amsterdam between November 10th and 13th. Please find below a full list.

  • Oral Presentation, Monday 11th Nov, 11:45: Don’t cha wish your tracker was clean like mine? – Anisa Jeetoo, Programmer II
  • Poster: Programming the world of PK: Guidance for the beginner
  • Oral Presentation, Monday 11th Nov, 17:00: Symbollic Regression: Survival of the Best Fit – Hector Leitch, Programmer I

If you would like to organise a meeting with a team member please click on the link below. Kiensen Lee, Commercial Director, Bradley McManus, Talent Acquisition Consultant and Diana Stuart, Programming Manager will be attending.

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