PhUSE Conference 2017

Meet Veramed at the Annual PhUSE Conference

Veramed will be presenting a number of sessions at the Annual PhUSE conference hosted in Edinburgh between October 8th and 11th. Please find below a full list.

  • Poster Session: Surviving your Statistician: A Programmer’s Guide to Survival Analysis – James Diserens, Sun 8th Oct from 19:00
  • Futile or Not? An Interim Analysis Case Study – Ingrid Franklin, Tue 10th Oct from 11:00
  • The Model Statistician: Insights into Model Selection Techniques in Clinical Trials – Peter Williams, Tue 10th Oct from 14:30
  • Everyone Can Read Maps! Plotting Your Career Path and Preparing for the Terrain – Diana Stuart, Tue 10th Oct from 16:00

We will also be exhibiting, please stop by stand #37 to meet the team and to take part in our popular scrabble competition. If you would like to organise a meeting with a team member please click on the link below.

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