October News

Katherine Hutchinson joins Veramed

katherine-hutchinsonWe are pleased to welcome Katherine Hutchinson to Veramed who has nearly 30 years of experience within the pharmaceutical industry, in large and small pharma, as well as 15 years in the service sector. Her statistical career has spanned all phases of drug development, including supporting regulatory submissions, as well as registries and observational studies. In her managerial career, Katherine has gained an in-depth knowledge of operational management, supporting and developing staff in their careers, whilst maintaining a focus on client needs.

Katherine’s particular interest is client relationship management: supporting and developing requirements to support the client needs, backed up with excellent project and budget management.

Katherine has an MSc in Applied Statistics (1994, Sheffield Hallam University) and a BSc in Mathematics (1986, Leeds University). As an active member of Statisticians in Pharmaceutical Industry (PSI), Katherine has held positions on their Board of Directors, including Chair (2011-2012).

Veramed presenting at Annual PhUSE Conference, Barcelona

The Annual PhUSE conference takes place between the 9-12 October in sunny Barcelona. Veramed are privileged to be presenting three presentations throughout the event, details of which are below.

  • Tue 11th October:  16:00 – 16:30 – So you’re a superstar programmer … why you still might not be picked for the team
    Which type of programmers make up a team that is successfully efficient and productive? The answer might not be what you expect. A team of star programmers who compete to out perform each other are often less likely to be successful. High-achieving teams are those which have developed strong Social Capital. So what skills do these programmers have? How do we interview for them and achieve a dream team?
  • Wed 12th October: 11:45 – 12:00 – Colour Me Useful
    PROC FORMAT is a procedure that allows the creation of user defined formats and/or informats that can be associated to variables using the format statement. In other words, this procedure allows the user to create values that can be applied to variables modifying how data is read and stored in SAS or how data is printed.
    Programmers might not be aware of the usefulness of PROC FORMAT when used in a different way; changing background, foreground and border colours of printed variables enabling more possibilities, including the creation of a traffic light review system within SAS®.
  • Wed 12th October: 12:00 – 12:30 – Upstream with your Statistician and a data visualisation paddle.
    While a clinical trial is ongoing, data flows in a continuous stream from the patient to the statistician with multiple steps in between. At one end of this, clinicians enter small trickles of data about individual patients. At the other, statisticians summarise and analyse large amounts of data into single numbers and points on tables and figures. Data management traditionally sit close to the source of this flow, and so might not get the best view on how their data checks will affect the final outputs. This can lead to inefficiencies and frustrations as data essential to statisticians remains dirty. In order to improve the data cleaning process, statisticians can get involved in designing novel tools that visualise issues in the data important to them. These tools can be used by clinical and data management colleagues to identify the data queries most critical to the endpoints in the study.

To arrange a meeting with a member of the team during the conference please feel free to contact us.

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Veramed open a Manchester office

Veramed has recently opened an office at the Manchester BioHub facility. The BioHub at Alderly Edge Park enables pharmaceutical, biotech and life science companies to take advantage of some of the UK’s best invested research and development facilities, scientific heritage and industry experts, while operating entirely independently. Veramed is excited to be a part of this facility.