Graduate Training Programme - Ukraine

Our unique blend of technical and soft skills training will set you up for a successful statistics and programming career in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry

"As well as technical training, we also received soft skills training and sessions introducing us to other roles in our industry; meaning we were able to understand the broader picture and where we as statisticians and programmers fit in. Overall, I thought the program was perfect for preparing us for our roles!"

Tasmin ArnouldGraduate Trainee 2017

About us

Veramed provides quality outsourced biostatistics and programming services to the pharmaceutical and biotech industry. Launched in 2012, the business has achieved rapid growth and now has an established reputation in the UK for high quality deliverables, flexibility and fantastic communication. Veramed’s principle is to recruit the very best people in the industry and to look them, so they are able to progress and flourish in a supportive and fun environment. Find out more about us by watching the video below.

What can Veramed offer?

Veramed is a successful specialist CRO with a core ethos of quality that is supported by our Veramed Values, Integrity, Collaboration and Excellence. Our people are our most important asset, which is why we employ an active project management framework to ensure that the work, resources and opportunities are kept in balance for those that choose to work with us.

We understand that everyone’s circumstances are different and in this modern day of working there is a need for a level of flexibility required to meet life’s ever-increasing demands. We believe in working with you to help you achieve your aspirations, developing a role that will suit your strengths and lifestyle, whilst also providing a platform for you to improve your skills and be a part of an exciting and successful business.

We have a strong culture of trust, cross-collaboration and knowledge-sharing for all of our staff, and encourage innovation and participation within various initiatives throughout the business. We look to those in the company to help shape how Veramed grows, both improving business-focused objectives and further developing the culture.

We encourage professional development at all levels supporting membership to industry bodies, abstract submission for conferences and expenses-paid attendance.

What is the Graduate Training Program?

Our graduate training program aims to smooth the transition from graduate to effective member of a clinical biostatistics team,  The comprehensive 12 week syllabus equips you with relevant skills and knowledge so that by the end of the training program you will feel prepared for your new role as a Statistician or Programmer.  As well as in depth technical training, you will get an overview of the industry and a range of soft skills to help you manage projects, communicate with clients and follow specific processes. 

How is the training conducted?

At the beginning of the programme you will be given your training schedule together with your SAS training book which you will work through.  Your SAS training includes the opportunity to practice your skills and complete additional tasks in the safe environment of a mock clinical study. 

The initial part of the program focuses on introduction to industry topics, understanding other job roles you may come into contact with, soft skills such as time management and active listening, greater depth of understanding of specific SAS procedures, and Quality.  Client-specific training is introduced as required part way through and is balanced with other training.  As you advance through the graduate training program you will work on training and client work concurrently, spending more time on client work towards the end of the program.

Throughout the graduate training program and beyond, you will be supported by an assigned mentor who will be with you every step of the way. 

Even if you have some technical experience, our comprehensive program ensures that any potential knowledge gaps are addressed. As the programme progresses you will take on more project work and client-specific training, and by the end of the 12 weeks you will have sufficient skills to work on client projects.

Applicant profile: What do we look for in a Graduate?

  • Alongside technical ability you must be motivated and conscientious.
  • Ability to demonstrate some of the values from our Veramed Excellence Programme.
  • Demonstrate problem solving abilities with an attention to detail, along with a natural curiosity for understanding problems and an ability to be innovative with solutions.
  • Verbal and written communication skills.
  • The ability to work independently and as part of a wider team.
  • You will also be willing to develop and learn continually.
  • You will want to be a part of Veramed’s culture and be involved with a growing company.
  • Technical abilities and responsibilities.
  • Demonstrate an appreciation of the patient centricity of the pharmaceutical industry.

Veramed Excellence Programme

Our framework for continuous professional development


What it takes to become a Statistical Programmer in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Very friendly company, great to work for with genuinely supportive management team. Small company - so opportunities to get involved with company projects across all levels and have an impact on strategy. Good career pathways available with options for either technical excellence or people management options.

AnonymousGlassdoor, March 2019

Really fun place to work with great people! Graduate training program gives a really good foundation for development. Company’s main focus is on quality, meaning that we maintain good relationships with clients. Lots of opportunities for developement, management team are supportive in this.

AnonymousGlassdoor, Nov 2019

Everyone at Veramed is friendly and helpful and the atmosphere is great. Senior managers do care and are very supportive. Veramed is a good place to develop professionally. Employees are not expected to do overtime and the workload is manageable. Overall, I have very much enjoyed my time at Veramed so far.

AnonymousGlassdoor, Oct 2018

Management care about the staff, are approachable, flexible and transparent about company plans/developments. Line and project managers are supportive and motivating. Nice, friendly colleagues and a good amount of social activity. Good amount and variety of work with a focus on quality.

AnonymousGlassdoor, Jan 2018

There is a genuine focus on "Quality First" to drive efficiency, which is very refreshing having seen this slip in my previous company. Fantastically friendly culture within the company where everyone seems happy to help each other out no matter how big or small the request is.

AnonymousGlassdoor, Sept 2018
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