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Our collaborative FSP service allows us to seamlessly integrate into your team, supporting you across all regulatory clinical phases and commercialisation.

Veramed currently provides Functional Service Provider (FSP) support to a number of clients. We view an FSP model as a collaborative relationship, where trust is built around a common set of values and a commitment by both parties to communicate openly, deliver quality, and maintain a strong governance framework.

Strong framework

This framework enables the partnership to own and manage both successes and failures, promote trust and develop the relationship over time to enhance value. Under our FSP model, we garner a deep understanding of your requirements from a technical point of view as well as a thorough knowledge of portfolios, projects and people. Our clients value our commitment to the partnership and our transparency in all aspects from project management through to personnel assignment.


Communication at all levels – study level, functional level and corporate governance enables our clients to maximise the potential of our partnership. We deliver this through effective collaboration that focuses on efficient communication and high quality leadership, helping minimise bureaucracy.

Making an FSP successful

Our most successful partnerships are those where we have an open and honest relationship and perform as a true partner. To Veramed, this means first and foremost delivery of quality support to timelines and budget. This extends to providing additional value to our clients and exceeding expectations. We believe that a successful relationship is one where both sponsor and vendor are prepared to learn and develop together (accepting both success and failure), and we have found that working in this way generally leads to an optimum arrangement where cost savings, efficiency and productivity gains can be realised.

Key factors for success

  • Quality first. It’s that simple. We aim to deliver 100% quality every time, on time.
  • Long term resource assignment – interesting and complex studies increase employee/ FSP engagement.
  • Senior accountability and governance.
  • Strong technical knowledge and understanding of specific requirements.
  • Working as an extension of your team.

Case study

What makes a successful FSP relationship?

Case study

Working as a Functional Service Provider (FSP)

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