As a specialist biometrics CRO Veramed is well placed to provide individual statistics and programming consultants on a contract basis to be a part of your team and help to support internal requirements and deliverables.

Understanding your requirements

Veramed will work with you to define your requirements and ascertain what you are truly looking for in a consultant. This involves understanding the role and required skill sets, gaining knowledge of how the consultant will be supporting the group and what their impact will be. We can advise on the practicalities and logistics of the role to ensure a realistic view of the market place and provide transparency up front about the consultant’s availability to be on-site, start dates and experience so there are no surprises at the end if all parties are interested in progressing.

Market Knowledge

Veramed have an extensive network within the biometrics community, regularly attending industry events such as PhUSE and PSI, enhancing our contacts and position within the industry.


Veramed work with highly qualified and trained statisticians and programmers, we have full confidence in all consultant profiles which we provide and would only recommend consultants that we would be happy to work with on our own internal projects and teams.

Screening and Qualifying Process

All consultants will have completed a thorough two-round screening and qualifying process at Veramed before being submitted for your review. This involves speaking with our in-house talent acquisition team to ensure the right fit in terms of logistics and experience and a follow-up conversation or face to face meeting with a technical member of the Veramed group. This helps to minimise your time in identifying and selecting the right candidates.


Finding the right candidates

When searching for potential candidates, Veramed considers three different candidate pools to find the right skill-sets:

  • We always consider our  internal resource pool of  employees and consultants who have worked at Veramed to ascertain if there is any availability. This has the advantage that we will have worked with the consultant and have a strong understanding of their capabilities and if they will be a match for your requirements.
  • We work with consultants that have been recommended to Veramed and where possible have links with current Veramed staff who have worked with them previously.
  • We have an extensive niche database of candidates which is predominantly made up of statisticians and programmers in the industry.

Our people are our greatest asset