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Earlier this year, we launched Veramed Germany GmbH with a simple goal in mind: build a hub of local talent to help resource our services globally. However, as a growing CRO, it also bridges our UK and Ukraine offices and helps us leverage new business units across Europe, such as Evidence and Value Generation.

To help, we recently hired Jasmin Moussaoui to be our new local Talent Acquisition Consultant in Germany. With years of experience within the data and analytics industry, Jasmin has a real understanding of both the German market and how to truly match a candidate to a role – beyond just their skill set. 

We sat down with Jasmin and our Senior Talent Acquisition Consultant, Jon Gibbs, to learn more about Veramed Germany, our approach to hiring staff and what’s in store for the future. 

How have you found the hiring process in Germany so far? 

Jasmin: It’s been really exciting! Everyone has made me feel really welcome, which makes it easier when talking about Veramed to candidates, as the Veramed truly is people-focused.

Jon: It’s been challenging but things are picking up. As a UK-based CRO, there can often be a misconception that we are narrowly focused on just the UK Market for our employees and services. But we are actually a truly global CRO, which means we’re also hiring globally. The expansion of our German team is getting a major boost with the addition of Jasmin.

How do you approach the Recruitment process at Veramed?

Jon: I’ll be the first to admit I’m not a good salesman. For me, it’s all about telling people my experience of Veramed and why I truly enjoy working here. We don’t want to just fill positions aimlessly and shove people into a box. We live by our company values and want to listen to candidates to understand their current role, career aspirations and why they might be looking for a new opportunity. This way we can truly match them to the right role at Veramed. 

Jasmin: It is very important to be transparent and upfront with candidates about how our interview process is structured and how long it might take. After the first initial interview with myself or another person from recruiter, we quickly set up a meeting with a relevant board/line manager, and HR. These interviews can all take place within mere days of each other to reduce wasting a candidate’s time and to keep our processes efficient. 

Tell us more about the referral scheme we have here at Veramed and does it apply to employees in Germany?

Jon: We know the value of referrals from our current staff. We work in a small industry where people cross paths regularly and our own employees can be our biggest advocates. This is why we encourage our staff to refer people and if their referral is hired they get a hefty bonus. The scheme is open to all employees, including staff in Germany.

Why do you think German Statisticians and Programmers might be interested in joining Veramed? 

Jasmin: Personally, I prepared myself for my first interview with Veramed by looking at the ‘About Us‘ section. It says it all. The story from Emma and Matt gives a little sneak-peak into the people oriented company Veramed is today. They truly promote a workplace where people can build career without being overworked. Veramed also promotes employees based on their skills and ability, which I think goes a long way in the Germany market. Employees are valued and can get ahead quickly.

Jon: I echo Jasmin’s response. Our culture and values are what sets us apart from other companies. Employees are given the freedom to bring new ideas and perspectives to all kinds of situations. Veramed is also has a flat management structure, so new processes/procedures can quickly be agreed and implemented. 

What’s in store for recruitment in Germany?

Jon: Germany is a very important and exciting location for Veramed. There is a real depth of talent throughout the region. We are also very excited to announce our brand new HTA and Launch team being headed up by Alexander Schacht, who is based in Germany and in the building stages of developing a team out in Germany. 

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