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Back in 2012, when Veramed was just getting started as a small team of two by co-founders, Matthew and Emma Jones, one of its first service lines was Statistical consultancy. In fact, consultancy was our “bread and butter”. Back then, we provided specific services like study oversight, analysis plans and simulations for a small number of clients, some of which are still with us today. 

Today, the term ‘statistical consultancy’ comes in many forms at Veramed, spanning over multiple business units. However, as a direct service line, Statistical Consultancy continues to play an integral role in our growth.

So, what’s changed?

As we expand globally and enter new markets with a more diverse range of service offerings, our Statistical Consultancy service has evolved. We’re more flexible and collaborative than ever, providing a better quality of service to a wider breadth of clientele and industry needs. Leading the team is Head of Statistical Consultancy, Emily Wood, who brings a wealth of experience and industry insight to the table.

We sat down with Emily to learn more about her background, her role at Veramed and the statistical consultancy service line at Veramed.

Tell us a bit about your background and how you came to Veramed?

I have worked as a Statistician in medical and pharmaceutical research for about 20 years, mostly in CROs. During that time I have led studies in a number of different phases and therapeutic areas, including Oncology, Respiratory and Immunology. However, after nearly 16 years with another biometrics CRO, the opportunity to expand my consultancy experience and grow the Statistical Consultancy service at Veramed was too good to turn down.

What do you think constitutes a high quality statistical consultancy service today?

I think that flexibility and close working relationships with clients, with open and honest dialogue, is essential. It is important to discuss all requirements with the client first to ensure we are answering the right questions and have the best processes to ensure accuracy and quality. Of course a depth of experience in the areas our clients need our support in, for example study design or protocol development, is also an important consideration.

What do you think sets Veramed’s statistical consultancy service apart?

I think our quality, flexibility and the close relationships we build, and maintain, set us apart. Quality is at the core and it is assured by having not only high standards when recruiting but also through the continued support, development and training staff receive – a huge selling point for me personally. This is then bolstered by our collaborative and flexible approach to working with clients. We can provide a solution tailored to the needs of our clients, whether that is support for a few weeks on the design of a study or more long term support integrated into the client teams.

How have things progressed so far and what’s in store? 

We’re in the process of consolidating existing clients and projects, while continuing to give them the high quality service they are used to. I’m also working closely with our Business Development team to determine the types of clients and projects we want to concentrate on. We’re looking at new regions and a wider pool of potential clients, as we’re now able to scale up and operate more efficiently as a growing team. It’s an exciting time so watch this space!

To learn more about our unique, flexible approach to statistical consultancy, take a look at the case study below.


Emily Wood