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It’s official, Veramed has landed in Germany! We have set up as a legal entity to operate across the entire country. This means we are incorporated as a GmbH, or Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung in German, which translates to being a limited liability company and limited partnership. 

This is a major step that will help us build an even stronger foundation to hire and operate across Europe. But what does this mean for Veramed as a whole, our current staff, clients and how we operate day-to-day as a business?

We sat down with our Executive Vice President of Talent Management, Kien-Sen, to find out more.

What does this announcement actually mean?

What this really means for us is that we’re now able to source, vet, hire and work with local talent across Germany. In sticking with our values and always seeking the best quality candidates, we’ll be hiring talented Statisticians and Programmers on either a permanent or contract basis. 

It’s great for us as a business because it means we’re now exposed to a wider pool of high quality talent that can really help us take the next step in growing as a company throughout Europe.

Does this mean we’ll see an office in Germany?

Operating as a legal entity means we do have a registered address within Germany. However, as we’re in the early stages of our growth in the region, we do not currently have a walk-in office. The beauty of remote working technology and our commitment to remaining agile in today’s working world means we can be much more flexible around an employee’s work location. This is our first step into the German market and is a move we will definitely look at expanding upon with an established office when the time is right.

What does this mean for current employees at Veramed?

Hiring across Germany means we’re able to better equate client demands to meet staff supply. In less technical terms, new hires across Germany can help alleviate the workload pressure on our current employees, ensuring we avoid staff burnout. It also gives our employees the ability to make meaningful connections with new talent, in a new region.

Does this announcement affect Veramed clients?

This will provide an opportunity to upscale and better meet client demands. We understand that this industry can see fluctuations in project timelines and client needs, as exemplified throughout the past year. This move into Germany will help us remain agile and on-hand to meet these shifts and ultimately grow as we take on more projects and clients. 

As with all hires at Veramed, we’re looking not only for the best quality candidate but also the best fit. Our ability to come together as a team is integral to our success with our clients and we want to ensure our values of Integrity, Collaboration and Excellence (ICE) are maintained when hiring across Germany. 

Have you been practicing your German?

Nein. However, I am working on it and I do know willkommen bei Veramed – a sentence we plan to use regularly from here on.

Keen to learn more about Veramed’s move into Germany? Simply get in touch with our Recruitment team or check out our Careers page – all remote jobs are now available for those living across all of Germany.

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Kien-Sen Lee