Today, we officially announced the release of our new Launch and Commercialisation business unit, which will be spearheaded by new arrival, Alexander Schacht, PhD, Executive VP of Launch and Commercialisation Data Sciences. This is an exciting move that further diversifies our service line and reflects our growing ambition as a global CRO. The arrival of Alexander as a leader in this space is also an exciting opportunity and one that, given his passion and values, was a perfect fit for Veramed.

Alexander brings over twenty years of industry experience and a people-focused mentality that centres on what he calls the ‘3 Ps‘ – Payers, Physicians and Patients. With a Webinar already locked in, Alexander has hit the ground running at Veramed. We sat down with him to discuss what he has in store, why he joined Veramed and his approach to the launch and commercialisation landscape. 

Tell us a bit about yourself and your new role here at Veramed.

At my core, I am a passionate believer in the power of statistics and the link it has with getting much needed drugs and remedies to patients around the world. My son once asked just what I do for a living and I told him that I help people. For me, it’s that simple. I want to help companies launch their products effectively, ensuring both commercial success and maximum patient/end-buyer adoption. I believe in the power of science and people and through this service I want to link those two worlds more effectively.

Tell us more about the three P’s and their role in launch and commercialisation 

When optimising a product for maximum market adoption and long-term commercial success, it comes down to three key players – Patients, Payers and Physicians. Nearly all bio-pharma companies are aware of them, but not all know exactly how to ensure their engagement, adoption and trust. Communication plays an enormous role here, especially given the tightening timelines in which companies can get a strong ROI. In order to connect with the 3 P’s, an effective strategy must be put in place. We’re able to start this strategy all the way back at Phase 1 – a time when companies realistically have to start thinking

about the long term commercial plan of their drug or remedy. Ultimately the three P’s are the end players we focus on engaging with the most. In doing so, we’re able to build an effective strategy through a range of services that mitigate any pitfalls or challenges to ensure both market adoption and long-term commercial success.

Why is Veramed’s approach to Launch and Commercialisation so unique?

We’re not reinventing the wheel but we can connect the dots from data sources to the three P’s better than anybody else. We’re simply leveraging what we know and do really well to help businesses succeed. 

A huge reason I joined Veramed is that it is flexible and collaborative in its approach to business, forging meaningful client relationships that focus on quality and integrity. It’s also part of Veramed’s B Corp mentality, which I found quite inspiring. These factors allow us to address any challenges and pitfalls along the launch and commercialisation value chain well ahead of time. We can support clients more efficiently, communicate more openly and develop a more bulletproof approach to the launch and commercialisation space – ensuring patients get the remedies they need.

What have you learnt about Veramed so far? Any surprises?

I don’t think there have been any surprises but some stand out things I have noticed have been the company culture and way in which people help each other. It’s an incredibly contagious mentality and something I really like to see, especially as Veramed continues to grow globally. 

Tell us, what is in store from the Launch and Commercialisation team?

We’ve got big plans and a great long term vision in place. I’m currently hiring for a Head of Operations role to help build and run the Launch and Commercialisation business unit. However, coming up I will also be hosting a webinar focusing on how statistical evidence flows through organisations from its origin to patients, physicians, and payers, and how to avoid mistakes during this process.

To learn more and register for Alexander’s webinar, simply click below.


About Alexander:

Alexander holds a PhD in Biostatistics and is an active member of Statisticians in Pharmaceutical Industry (PSI) where he served on the board of directors, founded and chaired the Visualization Special Interest group, chaired the Benefit-Risk Special Interest group, and contributed to many conferences, webinars, and one-day-events. 

In 2018, he launched The Effective Statistician podcast in association with PSI in which he shares his insights around leadership, innovation, knowledge, and excellence required for a successful career in the healthcare industry. Dozens of guests across the industry and beyond helped to create a wealth of content to serve the statistical community.

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