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PHUSE Conference 2019

Meet Veramed at the Annual PHUSE Conference

Veramed will be presenting a number of sessions at the Annual PHUSE conference hosted in Amsterdam between November 10th and 13th. Please find below a full list.

  • Oral Presentation, Monday 11th Nov, 11:45: Don’t cha wish your tracker was clean like mine? – Anisa Jeetoo, Programmer II
  • Poster: Programming the world of PK: Guidance for the beginner
  • Oral Presentation, Monday 11th Nov, 17:00: Symbollic Regression: Survival of the Best Fit – Hector Leitch, Programmer I

If you would like to organise a meeting with a team member please click on the link below. Kiensen Lee, Commercial Director, Bradley McManus, Talent Acquisition Consultant and Diana Stuart, Programming Manager will be attending.

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New FSP Alliance

Veramed Limited, a UK-based statistics and programming CRO, has entered into a Functional Service Provider (FSP) alliance with GlaxoSmithKline to provide statistics and programming services across multiple clinical development programs.

Work has already begun on the alliance, which is designed to drive productivity, consistency and quality across statistics and study reporting, whilst saving time and money.

Veramed has established a dedicated team to deliver the FSP service to GlaxoSmithKline, which allows for proactive project management as well as comprehensive training of company staff involved in the partnership.

An executive governance structure has also been implemented to manage the relationship, with plans to leverage key metrics to shape decision-making and ensure continuous improvement.

“Success will be measured based on the quality of operational delivery, effective collaboration and
process and technology innovation”, Veramed noted.