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PHUSE EU Connect round up

Hector Leitch’s takeaways from the annual conference

Last month we headed to the RAI Conference Centre in Amsterdam for three days of learning, networking and inspiration with like-minded programmers, data analysts and real-world evidence people.

Amsterdam PHUSE

Sunny Amsterdam (if only briefly!)

The PHUSE EU connect conference is always a great place to catch up with clients, contractors and old friends in the industry, to see some familiar ex-Veramed faces and of course to meet new people. The host city, Amsterdam, was a little wetter than we’d hoped (despite the lovely bright picture on the right!) but that didn’t detract from its beautiful cobbled streets and unique charm. The conference venue itself was well laid out and we were lucky enough to have the Veramed stand set up in a perfect position for lots of great discussions during the breaks. It seems our Scrabble game is becoming a bit of a talking point, so we had lots of people seeking us out to play.

Posters and Presentations

The conference kicked off with the poster session with lots of thought-provoking posters on programming tricks, PK, CDISC uses and big data; Our Programming Manager, Clare Newall presented a poster entitled ‘Programming the world of PK’. She received lots of interesting questions and looked like she had great fun sharing her knowledge of PK with people.

I attended several presentations during the conference, my favourite was ‘ML02 Sub-population Detection Using Graph-based Machine Learning’. It had some fascinating algorithms based on graphs/networks that were extremely easy to understand visually and resulted in some impressive visualisations that made you think “wow, there’s a very obvious pattern”.

There was a general impression in the presentations I attended that programmers are keen to start using R and Python for machine learning and R Shiny for more interactive reporting and data visualisation. It will be interesting to see how this develops in the future.

Of course, I thoroughly enjoyed my fellow Veramed Progammer Anisa Jeetoo’s presentation, ‘Don’t cha wish your tracker was clean like mine?’ Her session was very well attended, if you missed out you can find a copy of her slides here, she will also be writing a blog on the subject soon too, which you’ll be able to find on our website.

Anisa Jeetoo

Anisa presenting at PHUSE EU Connect

I also managed to catch two other great sessions on the CDISC library. “Implementing the CDISC Library API in Software Applications: First Experiences” by Jozef Aerts and “How Will You Use CDISC Library?” by Sally Cassells. It was exciting to know that you can get an open source account and use the library completely free. It seems that CDISC is encouraging open source, which is fantastic!

Diana’s 10 year anniversary

This year was the 10-year anniversary of our Programming Manager, Diana Stuart’s involvement with PHUSE. She began her journey at the Basel conference where she presented a poster and subsequently, thanks to some encouragement from directors John Salter and Adie Bonwick, took on the role of Newsletter Editor.  At this year’s Diana co-chaired the new Profession Development stream. This stream included a hands-on workshop and 4 half hour presentations. All of which were incredibly well attended and well received.

Thanks and see you next year!

Special thanks to everyone at PHUSE; Michael Harris for chairing, fellow presenters, poster authors and exhibitors, I came away from the conference a little exhausted but with bags of enthusiasm and new ideas. 

Hector Leitch 

Press Release

Stuart McGuire joins Veramed as Chief Business Officer


[London, UK, October 2019]: Veramed is delighted to announce that Stuart McGuire has been appointed as Chief Business Officer. In this new position, McGuire will lead the development of the business as it evolves its position as the pharmaceutical industry’s preferred statistics and programming CRO partner.

McGuire joins Veramed from Covance (formerly Chiltern International), where he held senior positions across business development, leadership and alliance partnerships, and will focus on building Veramed relationships across Europe, North America and Japan. 

“I was immediately impressed with the Veramed leadership team and quickly understood its positioning in the market for providing high quality research with a positive, can-do attitude.” remarks McGuire. “Veramed has built a strong foundation providing clients with peace of mind, working hard to ensure its work is underpinned with personal engagement and a passion for getting it right first time.”

“There has been a significant shift towards offshore and commoditising certain areas of clinical research,” adds Matt Jones, Veramed Managing Director, “and there are technical services that require a high degree of partner trust and intimacy, and our clients desire choice as to where team members are located. McGuire will continue to ensure our Pharmaceutical and Biotech partners are able to maximise their outsourcing plans whilst receiving the high touch that their studies deserve.”

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Veramed Opens Office in Swansea!

Jamie Jones heads up our Veramed Swansea Office

Veramed is expanding in the UK and has just opened its first office in Wales, based in Swansea.

Jamie Jones is leading this new office with 17 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical industry. With his proven track record in line management, Jamie is well placed to facilitate Veramed’s expansion and lead the South Wales office with the support of an experienced team.

“With access to a number of top Universities and a talented pool of statisticians and programmers, South Wales was a great choice of location for our new office” said Matt Jones, Managing Director.

Veramed is going through an exciting growth period with further expansion planned in the US alongside the UK offices in 2019.

We are looking to further grow the team in Swansea, so if you are a Statistician or Programmer who would like to work for an exciting company that puts quality first please do get in touch with Bradley McManus our Talent Acquisition Consultant on 0203 696 7248 or send your CV to

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Veramed expands into the US

Jean Brooks heads up the launch of Veramed US Office

Veramed has established its first US office in Boston, MA, building on its sites in Twickenham, Manchester and Swansea in the UK.

Having supported the US through existing client relationships, and with a network of consultants with experience of FDA interactions, Veramed is well-placed to deliver quality statistics and programming services to the US pharmaceutical industry, based on its core values of Quality First and Customer Focus.

“We are excited by this opportunity to bring Veramed’s blend of high quality deliverables and superb customer relationships to the US,” said Matt Jones, Managing Director.

Initially the US office will offer statistical consultancy and oversight services, with further expansion planned alongside the UK offices.

If you would like to organise a meeting with Jean Brooks or a member of the Veramed US team, please email or click on the button below.

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Webinar: Turning Fantasy into Reality – Creating Custom Data Visualisations for Future Reporting

Listen to the recording of this session now

James Diserens presented his popular presentation which won best in stream at PhUSE 2018 on Data Visualisations. Recent experience indicates that there is a gap between exploratory analysis using products such as R-shiny and Spotfire with html outputs, and SAS rtf outputs for reporting packages. Are the plots that we are producing restricted by standards and expectations, or by an unwillingness to change from what has been done before? Could we be producing outputs that are more useful and appropriate for analysing the data?

In addition, with the improvements in SAS ODS graphics from SAS 9.4, is there scope for future reporting packages to use further data visualisations for study overview?

James looked at examples of figures suggested by experienced statisticians that could provide useful data visualisation in a reporting package.


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Webinar: What it takes to become a Statistical Programmer in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Thursday 15th February: 2pm-3pm GMT.

In this short webinar Statistical Programmer Sean Miles will discuss his experience starting in the pharmaceutical industry as a SAS Programmer. He will be covering his journey from being a graduate, the processes he went through, his expectations and the reality of the industry.

If you are thinking about embarking on a career as a Statistical Programmer, please feel free to register using the link below.

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PSI Conference 2017

Meet Veramed at the Annual PSI Conference 2017

Veramed will be presenting a number of posters and presentations at the Annual PSI conference hosted in London between May 14-17. Please find below a full list.

  • A presentation by Anastasiia Raievska on the “Prognostic Accuracy of pulmonary function tests to select patients at high risk of Acute Exacerbations: A retrospective Case-Contract Study”
  • A poster by Chetan Mistry ” The blind leading the (un)blind: Conducting successful interim analyses”
  • A poster by Tom Brown “Carrying Forward Informed Decisions: Missing Data and Early Phase Studies”

We will also be exhibiting, please stop by stand #1 to meet the team and to take part in our popular scrabble competition. If you would like to organise a meeting with a team member please click on the link below.

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PSI Conference 2017

Veramed are recruiting Statisticians and SAS programmers

Veramed will still be growing throughout 2017 and are looking for both experienced SAS Programmers and Statisticians as well as MSC graduates for a variety of opportunities in both our Twickenham and Manchester offices. We appreciate that flexibility is important and offer a comprehensive range of benefits.

We realise that technical skills are just one part of the competency required to be a successful in the SAS Programming and Statistics industry, we have put together the Veramed Excellence Programme. This model is focussed on personal development and not only meeting but exceeding the expectations of our clients. Learn more about how we continually invest in our team so that we nurture and grow the best talent in SAS Programming and Statistics.

If you’d like to find out more about our openings please visit our recruitment page, and speak with one of our consultants on our online chat facility or get in touch at

Great to meet you at the PhUSE Conference

Thanks to everyone who came by the stand at PhUSE to meet with the team – it was a great conference this year with a record attendance and thoroughly enjoyed it. We’re very much looking forward to next year’s conference in Edinburgh and seeing you all again if not sooner.Congratulations to the winners of our Scrabble stand prize, Jorine Putter and Jasmine Kestemont came up with the words that gave the highest scores.

Congratulations are also in order to Diana Stuart and Nick Cowans who were both named best in stream for their respective talks. A similar webinar of Nick’s presentation is available on the resources section of our website. Over the next few months we will be looking to add Diana’s talk from the Professional Development stream as a webinar to this section of the website, so please check back regularly or follow us on LinkedIn for updates.

October News

Katherine Hutchinson joins Veramed

katherine-hutchinsonWe are pleased to welcome Katherine Hutchinson to Veramed who has nearly 30 years of experience within the pharmaceutical industry, in large and small pharma, as well as 15 years in the service sector. Her statistical career has spanned all phases of drug development, including supporting regulatory submissions, as well as registries and observational studies. In her managerial career, Katherine has gained an in-depth knowledge of operational management, supporting and developing staff in their careers, whilst maintaining a focus on client needs.

Katherine’s particular interest is client relationship management: supporting and developing requirements to support the client needs, backed up with excellent project and budget management.

Katherine has an MSc in Applied Statistics (1994, Sheffield Hallam University) and a BSc in Mathematics (1986, Leeds University). As an active member of Statisticians in Pharmaceutical Industry (PSI), Katherine has held positions on their Board of Directors, including Chair (2011-2012).

Veramed presenting at Annual PhUSE Conference, Barcelona

The Annual PhUSE conference takes place between the 9-12 October in sunny Barcelona. Veramed are privileged to be presenting three presentations throughout the event, details of which are below.

  • Tue 11th October:  16:00 – 16:30 – So you’re a superstar programmer … why you still might not be picked for the team
    Which type of programmers make up a team that is successfully efficient and productive? The answer might not be what you expect. A team of star programmers who compete to out perform each other are often less likely to be successful. High-achieving teams are those which have developed strong Social Capital. So what skills do these programmers have? How do we interview for them and achieve a dream team?
  • Wed 12th October: 11:45 – 12:00 – Colour Me Useful
    PROC FORMAT is a procedure that allows the creation of user defined formats and/or informats that can be associated to variables using the format statement. In other words, this procedure allows the user to create values that can be applied to variables modifying how data is read and stored in SAS or how data is printed.
    Programmers might not be aware of the usefulness of PROC FORMAT when used in a different way; changing background, foreground and border colours of printed variables enabling more possibilities, including the creation of a traffic light review system within SAS®.
  • Wed 12th October: 12:00 – 12:30 – Upstream with your Statistician and a data visualisation paddle.
    While a clinical trial is ongoing, data flows in a continuous stream from the patient to the statistician with multiple steps in between. At one end of this, clinicians enter small trickles of data about individual patients. At the other, statisticians summarise and analyse large amounts of data into single numbers and points on tables and figures. Data management traditionally sit close to the source of this flow, and so might not get the best view on how their data checks will affect the final outputs. This can lead to inefficiencies and frustrations as data essential to statisticians remains dirty. In order to improve the data cleaning process, statisticians can get involved in designing novel tools that visualise issues in the data important to them. These tools can be used by clinical and data management colleagues to identify the data queries most critical to the endpoints in the study.

To arrange a meeting with a member of the team during the conference please feel free to contact us.

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Veramed open a Manchester office

Veramed has recently opened an office at the Manchester BioHub facility. The BioHub at Alderly Edge Park enables pharmaceutical, biotech and life science companies to take advantage of some of the UK’s best invested research and development facilities, scientific heritage and industry experts, while operating entirely independently. Veramed is excited to be a part of this facility.