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Our services are tailored to your needs…

Whether you require a long-term Functional Service Provider (FSP) or short-term biostatistics consultancy, we tailor our services to meet your needs.

Functional Service Provider

Our bespoke FSP relationships allow us to partner with you to understand your requirements, build trust, enhance quality and develop long-term, collaborative relationships.

Statistical Consultancy

We have a comprehensive, end-to-end consultancy service that supports you from study design through to submission & beyond.

Study Reporting & Analysis

We offer a range of outsourced and in-sourced Study Reporting & Analysis services that are flexible and adaptable to your project requirements.

Biotech Due Diligence

A Veramed & Weatherden partnership, we offer data driven due diligence of your assets to help you better seek potential acquirees or partners.

Data Monitoring Committees


We provide a wide variety of DMC offerings, from one-off consultation to full end-to-end Statistical Data Analysis Centre with administrative and logistical support for the DMC, or even DMC statisticians.

Launch and Commercialisation

We will support you with a range of strategically-focused, collaborative services that help maximise launch impact and ensure commercial success.

Functional Service Provider

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Statistical Consult

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Study Reporting & Analysis

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Biotech Due Diligence

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Data Monitoring Committees (DMC)

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Launch & Commerc

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The thing I like most is the collaborative working engagement - it is not a chore but a pleasure to work with Veramed.

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